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Benjamin Bruno, Media Specialist

Ben Benjamin Bruno joined the New England Literacy Resource Center in April 2006. He provides support working in database management, data compilation, website design/upkeep, and new media work. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Music Industry from Northeastern University.


Sandy Goodman, New England College Transition Project Director

SandySandy Goodman is the Director of Career Pathways for the National College Transition Network, designing and leading college transition and career pathway initiatives. She provides technical assistance and professional development to individual programs and state adult education systems on national, state, and local initiatives. Currently, Sandy leads the planning of the Boston Adult Opportunity Network, a project of the Boston Opportunity Agenda, a consortium of private and public funders working to promote college and career readiness throughout the education spectrum. She is also on the professional development team for the Accelerating Opportunity Initiative, a multi-state effort to reform adult basic education and postsecondary systems. Previously, Sandy directed the National Career Awareness Project, where she provided assistance to sixteen state adult education teams in developing plans for building statewide capacity to integrate career planning into programming and curriculum. Sandy is the lead author of the College Transition Toolkit and edited the Integrating Career Awareness Curriculum. She has also developed, written and facilitated several of NCTN’s online courses.

Prior to joining the NCTN team, she directed a career ladders project called Partnership for Automotive Career Education (PACE) where she facilitated collaboration among community based organizations, postsecondary and secondary education institutions, and private-sector employers.

Ellen Hewett, The National College Transition Network Director

EllenEllen Hewett is the Director of the National College Transition Network (NCTN) at World Education, Inc.  She is responsible for guiding all of the NCTN team’s efforts to strengthen policy and practice related to college and career readiness of adult learners.  Skilled in organizational development and facilitation, she focuses on building partnerships and leadership capacity in the technical assistance she provides to national, state, and local initiatives. Ellen manages the NCTN’s role as a partner in the Accelerating Opportunity: A Breaking Through Initiative (AO), which includes serving on the AO Leadership Team and leading the design and implementation of the initiative’s professional development plan.

Prior to joining NCTN in 2008, Ellen worked for over 25 years with nontraditional college students as an administrator and faculty member at Springfield College, where she created administrative, curricular and support services aimed at promoting an adult-centered institutional culture, and formed partnerships with state and local stakeholders.

Andy Nash, NELRC Director

Andy NashAndy Nash is the Director of the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC), where she coordinates projects that emerge from collaboration among the policy-makers, professional developers, and practitioners in the six New England states. She is also a Professional Development Specialist at World Education, Inc, where she facilitates a diverse set of professional development projects at the local, state, and national levels. Andy specializes in the development and implementation of learning standards, ESOL, learner persistence, workplace education, and the integration of adult education with civic engagement.  Her current work includes the National Teacher Effectiveness in Adult Education project, in partnership with American Institutes for Research and funded by OVAE, and the roll-out of learning standards in Oregon and Washington for the Equipped for the Future initiative. She also consults with NCTN on various initiatives that involve job-embedded professional development, system-wide change, training of trainers, and resource development.

Prior to coming to World Education, Andy was a lecturer in the Graduate Bilingual/ESOL Studies Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston and worked with the MA Department of Education to provide technical assistance to workplace education partnerships throughout the state.

Cynthia Peters, Change Agent Editor and Production Coordinator

Cynthia P Cynthia Peters has been the editor of The Change Agent since June 2007. She also facilitates professional development activities related to using the magazine in the adult education classroom to teach reading and writing, and to analyze social issues. She currently teaches a Social Studies and Science GED class at the Notre Dame Educational Center, and has taught ABE, ESOL, Bridge to College, and Adult Diploma Program through the Worker Education Program in Boston. Cynthia was a member of the South End Press book publishing collective for 13 years, and has extensive editing and writing experience. Her essays appear in Z Magazine, ZNet, Dollars and Sense, as well as other publications and several books. In Boston, she has been a long-time community activist involved in anti-war efforts, tenants’ rights, and grassroots neighborhood organizing.

Leah Peterson, Dissemination Coordinator/Registrar

LeahLeah Peterson has been working with the New England Literacy Resource Center since March, 2006. She manages the sales and distribution of The Change Agent and other NELRC publications. In order to improve visibility for NELRC publications Leah sends promotional materials to adult education conferences across the country and participates in marketing efforts to introduce new readers to NELRC's materials.

Prior to coming to NELRC/World Education Leah worked as a volunteer coordinator, assistant curator, graphic designer, and administrative assistant in a number of small non profit organizations. Leah has a BA in Art History and in Latino Studies from Simon's Rock College.

Priyanka Sharma, National College Transition Network Coordinator

PriyankaPriyanka Sharma is Coordinator of the National College Transition Network (NCTN) at World Education, Inc. Her experience includes project management and training on resources and practices that support college and career readiness and financial literacy. She is skilled at coaching programs as they develop or integrate a transition/college-prep component. Priyanka is responsible for organizing the annual conference on Effective Transitions in Adult Education. She recently directed the College for a Day project, which increased the aspirations and readiness of Boston-area adult learners for pursuing postsecondary education and training by providing direct exposure to the college environment. Priyanka is a prolific user of social media and works on finding ways of integrating new media and web 2.0 tools into professional development design and delivery. 

Prior to joining to NCTN in 2005, Priyanka managed a non-profit arts organization. She currently serves as the Board President of a Boston-area adult education program.

Steve Quann, Web and Instructional Designer

Steve QuannAs Senior Advisor for Technology in Education at World Education, Steve is responsible for supporting projects in the selection, design, development and evaluation of information and communications technologies efforts. In addition to his role of advisor, Steve works across divisions as an instructional technologist where he designs, develops and facilitates online learning on websites, webinars, and online courses for the Health Care Learning Network, United Nations Population Fund and the United States Department of Education.

Steve has over 30 years experience in the field of education.  With advanced studies in education and instructional design technology, his work at World Education has led him to focus on the use of technology into teaching and learning.  He has co-authored books on technology integration and gives workshops both national and internationally. Recently, using a social networking tool (NING), Steve helped create a community of practice and coordinate the first strand (Technology Integration) in NELRC’s New England Professional Development Network.

Prior to his work at World Education, he taught over a decade at community-based adult English language programs and a community college, preparing students to enter the workforce and transition to college-level coursework.

Cynthia Zafft, Senior Advisor to National College Transition Network

Cynthia Zafft is senior advisor for the National College Transition Network and co-director for the LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center for the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education. In addition, she is curriculum director for the Health Care Learning Network (HCLN) and developed their online, contextualized Reading and Writing course that prepares frontline healthcare workers for challenging health career programs at their local community college or vocational school. She is a registered nurse and earned her doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her dissertation focused on adult education transition policies and practices.

Prior to coming to World Education, Cynthia coordinated several federally-funded transition projects for the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Connection.


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