Census 2020

This site is designed for adult education programs, teachers, and students who want to learn about and participate in the Census 2020. On a rolling basis, we are compiling and developing Census materials that are clear, easy-to-read, and engaging to ABE, ASE, and ESOL students.

Census Activities Timeline (PDF, offers teachers/programs a loose guideline for when to teach what) 


Census Basics

  • We count (video, 2:11 min) Rockthevote.org explains the importance of being counted
  • The Census Explained in Spanish (video, 2:08 min) by Lawyers for Civil Rights Boston
  • Who the Census Counts explains how people are counted and who is counted  
  • Census Basics One-Pagers: What is the Census? What does it matter? Who is at risk of being undercounted? What will the Census ask me? How do I participate in the Census? Do I have to complete the Census? Is my information safe? (forthcoming)


Census Jobs


Census Survey


Census Concerns



Risk of undercount


Data Security

  • These Technology FAQs from Census Counts cover Cybersecurity, Data Security, and Operations. Find Census Bureau fact sheets and FAQs here. For more detail, read this blog. Read “The Challenge of America’s First Online Census” on Wired.

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