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Evidence-based Strategies - Examples, Research and Tools


Strategy k: Help adults develop career aspirations and make informed choices about careers and further education and training.


Career Academy
Dorcas Place Adult and Family Learning Program
The Career Academy model includes: coursework that builds work readiness and academic skills, weekly meetings that simulate staff meetings, mock job interviews, career counseling, a short internships, and small stipends for getting and keeping a job. The completion rate has been 75%.

Career Planning for SUCCESS
Joan Keiran
This college transitions program incorporates career planning into coursework by requiring students to research and present on a career of choice. This prepares them to make better-informed choices of a career path in college.


Integrating Career Awareness in ABE and ESOL Instruction.
Martha Oesch and Carol Bower
The goal of this curriculum is to help adult education teachers and counselors guide adult learners through a comprehensive career planning process that supports a full range of life skills. Lessons and classroom activities introduce the three phases of career planning: self-exploration, occupational exploration, and educational and career planning.