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Intake & Orientation

What does this section include?

The strategies included in this category focus on providing students with a welcoming, informative introduction to the program so that they can make informed decisions about their readiness to study and about their learning options, understand the expectations the program has of students, and become a part of the learning community.

What is the connection between intake and orientation and persistence?

Research suggests that the first three weeks are key in terms of forming bonds between students and their learning programs (Quigley, 1987). If effective persistence strategies are implemented during this period – building relationships, providing information so that students understand their options and program expectations, helping them identify the steps in their learning journey – students are more likely to persist. Programs that do not connect effectively with students early may experience attrition after orientation or after pre-testing.

For a description of the intake and orientation strategies investigated by programs, see page 31 of the New England Learner Persistence Project report.

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