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Intake & Orientation

Evidence-based Strategies - Examples, Research and Tools

Strategy b: Provide clear and accessible information to enhance students’ ability to make informed decisions.


Learning Matters: Orientation and Goal-setting
Agnes Precure
Written for Oregon’s community college-based system, this is a concise list of key "do's and don'ts" for developing an orientation process that supports persistence and quality services.

Look before You Leap: Helping Prospective Learners Make Informed Educational Choices
Marti Giese
Noticing that adults were having trouble selecting the high school completion option that would best match their needs, this Virginia program guided new students in doing group research to investigate each of the three options. Participants developed a much fuller understanding of the program choices as they improved their research skills and self-confidence, expanded their sense of the possibilities, and reinforced a sense of responsibility and connection to their work group.

Making it Worth the Stay: Findings from the New England Learner Persistence Project, pp. 34-36
Andy Nash and Silja Kallenbach
These pages describe the strategies New England programs used to make sure that students understand the program and their learning options.