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Student Involvement

Evidence-based Strategies - Examples, Research and Tools


Strategy c:  Engage students in exploring ways to take action to address their common barriers (e.g. lack of public transportation, access to daycare, funding for education)


Building Our Power to Make Change and Stay in School: Student Leadership Councils
Ami Magisos and Robert Ojeda
At Pima Community College, the student council mobilizes students to address school problems, advocate for adult education funding, and take action to create the conditions they need to stay in school.

Transit Cuts
Alexander Dow
Threatened with a 25% cut to public transportation that would affect up to 30% of the students, staff and students of the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council engaged in an array of civic actions to educate and advocate for their needs.

Transportation on the Move
Pat Larson, Cindy Rodriguez, Caridad Santiago, Donna Swain, and Lisa Willard, with an overview by Cindy Rodriguez
An account of how students in one rural community organized to obtain affordable public transportation in their community so that they could get to the program and meet other needs

Workers Organize for Educational Opportunities
Beatrice Boansi
After Certified Nurse's Assistant Beatrice Boansi received her high school diploma through classes sponsored by her union's Training Fund, she joined the effort to bring education programs to other workplaces.