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program design & management

Evidence-based Strategies - Examples, Research and Tools


Strategy k: Institute an attendance policy that is clear and fair, and that explains the impact of individual attendance on learning and on the program.


Minneapolis ABE Consortium Policies and Strategies
This Microsoft Word document spells out the attendance policy and other persistence related policies that a consortium of Minneapolis ABE provides agreed on.


Retention through Redirection Protocol
Feature # 3: Attendance Policies that Establish Expectations for Attendance, Progress
and Conduct
College Sector Committee on Adult Upgrading
The authors reviewed program policies (procedures, handbooks and guidelines) from nine colleges in Canada to see how attendance, progress and conduct were addressed. They also asked practitioners about specific retention supports or strategies that might uphold their policies. They describe strategies and approaches for improving attendance.


Retention through Redirection: Guidelines for Developing Policies
College Sector Committee on Adult Upgrading
This is a chart with criteria to evaluate attendance policies.