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Promising Pactices

Technology Integration Project (TIP) Final Projects

  1. Sharpening Reading Skills Using Blogs explains about a HiSET class project to infer the author's purpose and provide textual evidence to support their conclusions. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] [Lesson materials 1] [Lesson materials 2] By Melissa Braaten.
  2. Analyzing Themes of Materials on the Internet focuses on a HiSET project in which students wrote a persuasive essay on why a YouTube song and a piece of writing had the same theme. [Lesson plan] By Robin Letendre.
  3. Group Work and Online Games for Math describes a lesson that includes students working together and online games such as ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ to solve problems using the correct order of operations. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] Created by Jen Way.
  4. Synthesizing Ancestry Information on the Internet tells about a project involving students building their skills in analyzing and synthesizing information by researching their ancestry and writing it up in GoogleDocs. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Tammy Wong-Bigelow.
  5. PowerPoint Presentations on Student-selected Topics shows how an ESOL class built their self-monitoring, planning, and presentation skills. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] [Student example] By Victoria Richter.
  6. Blogging About Current Events focuses on a project addressing a HiSET class’ lack of connection to current events by having them research and analyze news and writing about it using GoogleDocs and a blog. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Bridget Barker.
  7. Organizing Interview Study Resources Using Blendspace explains how a teacher put together a sequence of multimedia materials for her pre-employment students. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] [Lesson materials] By Leanne Ovalles.
  8. Reports on Cancer Using GoogleDocs focuses on how a HiSET/college preparation class decided to learn how to research on the Internet for more information, and write it up on GoogleDocs. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Elizabeth Madison.
  9. Khan Academy Lesson Lists on GoogleDocs explains how one teacher used her Khan Academy class account and GoogleDocs to individualize her high school equivalency students’ math needs according to their TABE test scores and CCRS. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] [Lesson materials] By Jennefer Jolls.
  10. Speaking Practice Using Cell Phone Videoing describes how an ESOL teacher had her students prepare brief speeches in preparation for a visit to the state house. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Marissa McQueeney.
  11. Program Website to Support Out-Of-Class Study explains about a project to build a program-wide website to support families’ learning outside of the classroom. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Emily Tomita.
  12. Screencast Tour for Job Seekers was created by an adult education center teacher to guide students in accessing websites to find information on career pathways and related skills to build. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Cindy Holden.
  13. Developing Listening Skills Using TED Talks describes how one teacher used TED Talks to help her students build their language skills. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Sarah Braun Hamilton.
  14. Online Community for Reflecting on CCRS focuses on a professional developer’s web page for staff to share their thoughts on connections between the CCRS and their work. By Megan Dichter.
  15. Meetings Using Google Hangouts showcases the tool a professional developer implemented with colleagues as an alternative way to meet when travel is difficult. [Video transcript] [Lesson plan] By Barbara Bowen.
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