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ADdressing math anxiety

To help his students relax about learning math and to help address underlying math anxiety, GED math teacher Phillip Howard used some unconventional strategies in his class. He led impromptu "laugh-offs" with students in class to promote relaxation and stress release. He developed a series of math games to help students learn basic skills and used them at the start of each class. In addition, he encouraged his students to express their feelings about math through poetry. Read his students Poems about Math.



Math Carnival for Adult ESOL Students

To integrate math across the curriculum at the Haitian Center, Phill also developed an ambitious program-wide event known as the Math Carnival. The video below gives you a glimpse of the day-long math festivities, complete with games and prizes and culminating in a laugh-off.

Read more about Phill’s experience with integrating stress management in his GED class in his article Reflections on Stress and GED Math.