The New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) was established in 1994 through an inter-state agreement signed by the governors of the six New England states. The mission of the NELRC is to strengthen adult literacy services in our region through sharing and collaboration among professional development providers, practitioners and policy-makers. Membership in NELRC offers the following:

Customized professional development

Customized regional professional development, from webinars to intensive initiatives, based on NELRC board priorities.

Free professional development workshop for your state, chosen from a menu of 20+ workshop topics.

Community of practice membership

Cross-state collaboration and sharing about practice and policy through board meetings and exchanges among the professional developers.

Inclusion in trusted network of 20+ literacy experts

Priority access and discounts

Priority access to opportunities to pilot World Education products and services; special discounts for selected World Education offerings.

Statewide online access to The Change Agent magazine, teaching resources, and archives for all adult educators in your state.

NEw England specific opportunities

Participation in special New England projects, such as the non-partisan Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA) initiative to educate and engage adult student voters.

Inclusion in innovative collaborations, developed for the region, and for which World Education raises funds.

Affiliated State Resource Centers

The work of NELRC is informed by and coordinated with the professional development providers of its member states.



Partners in our Mission

World Education, Inc.

(WEI) is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world through education and social and economic development. In the United States, World Education supports older youth and adult learners by strengthening the educators, organizations, and systems that serve them. World Education is the home of the NELRC.


(LINCS) is a national leadership initiative of the U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) to expand evidence-based practice in the field of adult education. The LINCS PD Center provides technical assistance to states and facilitates professional development for adult educators. NELRC complements the work of LINCS by providing customized, regionally-focused professional development and collaboration opportunities to the New England states. 

The Change Agent Magazine

The Change Agent provides socially relevant content, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and ready-to-use, CCR-aligned lesson plans – all oriented toward a multi-level audience.