Supporting Immigrant Students

At a time of increasing threats to our students based on some aspect of their identities (race, religion, immigrant status, gender identity, etc.), adult educators have a role to play in creating safety, dispelling myths, and building the capacity of students to engage civically for their rights.

Find links to teaching resources and our recent webinar on “How to Be an Effective Ally to Adult Students” in our Civic Engagement section.



The Change Agent

Indigenous people are those who are the original inhabitants of a certain area. Their ancestors were the first humans to live in that place. They have traditions, languages, and cultural practices that are different from the people who came later and colonized that land. Many Indigenous people were killed by colonizers or died from the diseases that the colonizers introduced into their communities. Today, thousands of Indigenous nations survive all over the world. They continue to thrive in their communities and also to fight for their right to maintain their indigenous language, culture, and land. Many adult learners in the U.S. are Native American, and many others are Indigenous people from their country of origin who have now immigrated to the U.S. With this issue of The Change Agent, we are excited to hear their voices, shine a light on their struggles, celebrate their resilience, and learn some of their history. 

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Recent Webinars

Preparing Adult Education Programs for the 2020 Census

The Constitution requires that a census of US residents be taken every ten years in order to determine each state’s number of Congressional representatives and the apportionment of billions of federal dollars (including adult education funding). This webinar reviews how the 2020 Census works, why it matters, challenges that threaten a full population count, and how adult education programs can help adults understand and participate in the 2020 Census.

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Where Math and ELA Skills Overlap

Did you know that certain math standards reinforce the ELA standards and vice versa? Math and ELA present overlapping opportunities to teach key basic skills, including reading closely, organizing information, and using complex vocabulary. This webinar explores these overlaps and offers classroom  activities.

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Addressing Implicit Bias in the Classroom

We all harbor implicit, unconscious bias based on the images and messages that have surrounded us throughout our lives. This webinar focuses on how to become aware and acknowledge our biases, and how to deal with their appearance in the classroom.

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