Addressing Racial Equity in our Adult Education Classrooms, Programs, and the Field

This series of webinars will examine the way implicit racial bias shows up in adult education and how it creates inequity for learners. First, we will look at implicit bias — what it is and how we can face it and work constructively to change it. Second, we will share classroom strategies that will teach about equity in the context of basic skills and make your classroom more inclusive and relevant to all. In our third webinar, we will showcase programs that have made changes to make racial equity a key part of its program practices. View recordings and slides here.

The Change Agent issue 59 co-published with Essential Education

The Change Agent

Adult learners navigate loss and grief, adjust to new communities, maintain balance in multiple work-life pressures, change careers, manage their physical and mental health, and get back to school despite obstacles and setbacks. To do all this, they are deploying transferable skills that are useful at work, school, and the community.  The current series of The Change Agent co-published with Essential Education features students writing about how they have used transferable skills in the community, at work, in school, and in their families. These powerful, engaging, relatable stories hold up a mirror so students can say, “I’ve done that!” The series consists of three issues:

  • Issue #59, August 2023: “We Take Action” (Teamwork & Collaboration, Leadership & Initiative, Communication)
  • Issue #60, November 2023: “We Adapt and Manage” (Adaptability & Flexibility, Self-Management, Respecting Differences, Emotional Intelligence)
  • Issue #61, Feb. 2024: “We Use Our Minds” (Critical & Creative Thinking, Navigating & Using Information, Digital Literacy)

If you work in New England, you may access The Change Agent using an online subscription paid for by your state through their membership in the New England Literacy Resource Center. Please contact us at for more information.

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