Multilingual Book Club

Join the NELRC for this one hour webinar to learn about the Multilingual Book Club, a collaborative project of the Dover Adult Learning Center, Dover Public Library, and the University of New Hampshire's Community Literacy Center. The Multilingual Book Club supports multilingual individuals in preparing read-alouds, enacts a culturally relevant multilingual book club, and develops […]

Helping Your Students Identify, Develop, and Utilize Their (not so) Soft Skills with the Change Agent

Adult Education students have strong transferable skills (aka, soft skills). They just don’t know it yet! Time management, communication, and critical thinking skills are being cultivated daily by hard-working adult learners. Employers value and seek these crucial competencies. In this webinar, we’ll share practical classroom activities that demonstrate simple ways to teach basic skills in […]

DRAW: What We’ve Learned From Building Digital Resilience

Building digital skills, literacy, and resilience is necessary for our adult learners. Through the Digital Resilience in the American Workforce (DRAW) Initiative, we have worked with over 14 states to support the integration of digital skills, literacy, and resilience in their professional development and instruction. During this session, we will explore what the project team […]

“Modernizing” Adult Education Accountability: Why? What? How? & When?

Adult educators have been expanding the way they measure, document, and report learning gains. Recently updated National Reporting System (NRS) tables provide more opportunity to measure learning outside of traditional post-testing. Learn how one state collaborated with their program leaders to create guidance for Measurable Skill Gain types 3-5 and more. Explore OCTAE leaderships’ vision […]

CANCELLED — Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA): Voting Ambassador Training

This event has been cancelled. Come and learn about how creating a team of Voting Ambassadors gives your students a hands-on way to develop their leadership, knowledge of civics, and basic skills (including reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Drawing from the materials in the Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA) campaign, your students will learn […]

Digital Adult Training and Development Network (ATDN) TechCast

The integration of technology has revolutionized professional development resources, enhancing sessions with layers of additional content, including links to articles, websites, and notably, other presentations that used to be only available in person. Recorded sessions offer a dual advantage: they enable participants to revisit previously shared strategies and provide access to missed sessions. With the […]