Addressing Racial Equity in our Adult Education Classrooms, Programs, and the Field

This series of webinars will examine the way implicit racial bias shows up in adult education and how it creates inequity for learners. First, we will look at implicit bias — what it is and how we can face it and work constructively to change it. Second, we will share classroom strategies that will teach about equity in the context of basic skills and make your classroom more inclusive and relevant to all. In our third webinar, we will showcase programs that have made changes to make racial equity a key part of its program practices. View recordings and slides here.



The Change Agent

Doing Our Jobs and Caring for Our Children is particularly powerful and will resonate with adult learners because it is rooted in their daily life experiences! Writers share stories of how their work has changed during the pandemic, including what it has been like doing the work of parenting during these challenging times. In addition to teaching reading and writing, our “extras” amplify the career exploration dimension of this issue. One “extra” focuses on how the work of parenting includes many transferable skills.

If you work in New England, you may access The Change Agent using an online subscription paid for by your state through their membership in the New England Literacy Resource Center. Please contact us at changeagent@worlded.org for more information.

Recent Webinars

Engaging Learners in Synchronous Remote Instruction

During this session, from one teacher to another, Rachel Riggs will share how she sets up her virtual classroom for better engagement, adapts “classic” ESL activities to the remote setting, and uses new activities/strategies that engage learners during synchronous remote instruction. She’ll also share some of the tools she’s used to make her presentations and activities more engaging.

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Readability for All: Improving Literacy & Engagement through Enhanced Readability

The EdTech Center @ World Education has partnered with Adobe and Readability Matters to bring you this webinar on readability in digital texts and literacy. We’ll introduce readability and why it matters and share promising tools for supporting enhanced, personalized readability in digital texts for learners. We’ll also show examples of how you can use these tools with content and articles from The Change Agent
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Skillful Navigating and Advising from a Distance

As instruction moves online in response to the pandemic, many adult learners are facing challenges that require skillful advising and navigating. Onboarding and supporting online learning, job searching, connection to essential resources, advocacy, career exploration and emotional support are just a few ways that instructors and navigators are increasing their advising services. 

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The Change Agent Magazine

The Change Agent provides socially relevant content, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and ready-to-use, CCR-aligned lesson plans – all oriented toward a multi-level audience.