Welcome to the NELRC Resource Hub! Explore a wide range of resources developed by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) to address regional priorities and support professional development activities across the states. Our commitment spans across the following key areas:

Civic Engagement: Equipping adult learners with essential skills, including research, interviewing, advocacy, critical thinking, and public speaking, to actively engage in civic matters. Click here to view the resources.

Contextualized Instruction, Standards-Based Instruction: Supporting program leaders and educators in delivering contextualized, standards-based instruction that enhances learning outcomes for adult learners. Click here to view the resources.

College Transition and Career Preparation: Our efforts resulted in establishing the National College Transition Network (NCTN). Discover invaluable resources from The National College Transition Network. Click here to view the resources.

Learning and Persistence: Promoting evidence-based practices that contribute to the success of adult learners. Click here to view the resources.

Program Leadership: Insights, strategies, and resources to support program leaders in effectively managing and advancing adult education initiatives. Click here to view the resources.


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webinar iconEnhancing Digital Literacy, Skills, and Resilience in Adult Education

Implementing digital literacy, skills, and resilience into instruction is vital to the education of adult learners as they pursue their personal and professional goals. There are instructional strategies that have been effective in the integration of digital literacy, skills, and resilience in adult education. This session will offer instructional strategy findings from the Digital Resilience in the American Workforce landscape scan and provide opportunities for engagement in discussion, exploration, and planning.

College Transition and Career Preparation

webinar iconBuilding a Teacher Pipeline

The field is facing a wave of staff retirements and the on-going challenge of teacher retention. Many programs are also committed to building a staff that reflects the diversity of their students. Hear how two programs – one primarily ABE and college prep, the other primarily ESOL at all levels – are nurturing teacher pathways for their graduates, moving them from volunteers all the way up to certified teachers.

College Transition and Career Preparation

webinar iconDifferentiated Supervision

Changes in the field have given rise to new positions (such as career navigator or transitions counselor), new courses (such as IET), and new instructor qualifications (such as digital literacy), adding complexity to the supervision demands on program managers. This webinar focuses on differentiated supervision of an occupationally diverse staff as the field changes.

College Transition and Career Preparation

webinar iconPlace-Based Education for Rural Communities: Applying Lessons from the Youth Agriculture Project

Rural communities have specific challenges to address when planning workforce development. The Vermont project featured in this webinar developed strategies and partnerships that gave rise to a thriving program (see update in the Building Partnerships webinar). 

College Transition and Career Preparation

publication iconIntegrated Education & Training: Implementing Programs in Diverse Contexts

This is a guide that emerged from in-depth conversations about how eight adult education programs around the country have been successfully integrating IET. These programs offer a wide array of approaches both in who the adult education programs partner with and how they collaborate in those partnerships to develop an integrated curriculum. Program profiles highlight the importance of designing programming that fits the particular context of a local community – both its opportunities and constraints.

College Transition and Career Preparation