Welcome to the NELRC Resource Hub! Explore a wide range of resources developed by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) to address regional priorities and support professional development activities across the states. Our commitment spans across the following key areas:

Civic Engagement: Equipping adult learners with essential skills, including research, interviewing, advocacy, critical thinking, and public speaking, to actively engage in civic matters. Click here to view the resources.

Contextualized Instruction, Standards-Based Instruction: Supporting program leaders and educators in delivering contextualized, standards-based instruction that enhances learning outcomes for adult learners. Click here to view the resources.

College Transition and Career Preparation: Our efforts resulted in establishing the National College Transition Network (NCTN). Discover invaluable resources from The National College Transition Network. Click here to view the resources.

Learning and Persistence: Promoting evidence-based practices that contribute to the success of adult learners. Click here to view the resources.

Program Leadership: Insights, strategies, and resources to support program leaders in effectively managing and advancing adult education initiatives. Click here to view the resources.


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publication iconIntegrated Education & Training: Implementing Programs in Diverse Contexts

This is a guide that emerged from in-depth conversations about how eight adult education programs around the country have been successfully integrating IET. These programs offer a wide array of approaches both in who the adult education programs partner with and how they collaborate in those partnerships to develop an integrated curriculum. Program profiles highlight the importance of designing programming that fits the particular context of a local community – both its opportunities and constraints.

College Transition and Career Preparation

publication iconThinking Beyond “Increased Participation” – Integrating Civics and Adult ESOL

This paper discusses competing approaches to civics and describes a process for building ESOL students’ capacity for engaged and active civic participation.

Civic Engagement

publication iconThe Civic Participation and Community Action Sourcebook

This publication for adult educators includes narrative accounts and skill-building activities that are organized around the topics: Finding Connections to Communities and Issues; Holding Decision-Makers Accountable; Expressing Ourselves and Educating Others; and Organizing for Change.


Civic Engagement

website iconThe Change Agent

The Change Agent is an online source of socially relevant and powerful student writing, The Change Agent teaches basic skills with standards-aligned activities. The articles are written at multiple levels and are available in PDF, audio, and Google slides.

Civic Engagement

webinar icon How to be an Effective Ally to Adult Students

This webinar brings together educators from 3 states to discuss ways they support safety and solidarity among their students by dispelling myths, fostering dialogue, challenging microaggressions, and organizing for community change. View the slides from the webinar, and a list of “Resources to Support Targeted Communities.”

Civic Engagement

webinar icon Civics in a Digital World

This 3-webinar series explores how teachers can support students in building 21st century digital literacy skills as they investigate their communities, research issues, educate one another through social media, and collaborate on digital platforms. Webinar 1: Overview; Webinar 2: Investigating Issues and Holding Decision-Makers Accountable; Webinar 3: Building Community.

Civic Engagement